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Chapter four (Interesting Night) :icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 2 4
I still love you (chibi couple) by Twinhollow I still love you (chibi couple) :icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 1 4 Pika Pik ch uu pikachhuu?(Will you be my valetine) by Twinhollow Pika Pik ch uu pikachhuu?(Will you be my valetine) :icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 1 5 My OC Pony by Twinhollow My OC Pony :icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 1 0
pack Rat in My Head (improved)
I have a Pack Rat in my head.
He never gives anything up,
He keeps mountains of memories,
Undug, unhidden, never forgotten,
Always haunting and so rotten,
Mocking me by reminding me of these memories,
Pat Rat tells me what is in that corner other there.
The last pick of pills, a poisoned potion,
A time when you had to many hours awake on a horrible night,
A spilled sprite on a sliced up sofa,
Some torn pictures terror that torched everything,
Pack Rat what's in that corner?
Some tears cried over caring feelings,
Some glass broken over green paper that say go away, going away, gone away,
Broken bones from breaks and big failures,
The past on paper that tried but missed the trash,
Like a mass of mountains and as deep as the ocean from the bottom of this vein,
Pack Rat what is in the other corner?
That is what is happening now.
There's drawings of a dreamer that demonstrates depression,
Letters that say I miss you but now there say we can still be friends,
With no amens to mend these mora
:icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 1 0
The Way Out by Twinhollow The Way Out :icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 1 0 Sword(knuckle) by Twinhollow Sword(knuckle) :icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 0 0 New Staff Design by Twinhollow New Staff Design :icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 0 0 Who Wants To Play Hag MAN ( MY IT) by Twinhollow
Mature content
Who Wants To Play Hag MAN ( MY IT) :icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 0 0
Applejack by Twinhollow Applejack :icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 2 0
Death's Heart Beat
The last breath draws near,
All my fears
gone no longer relevant,
Like the end of a tyrant,
so vivid and violent
The beating of my heart,
If only it was pretense,
I am lying telling the truth
As if it was a false,
As the lies of my life flies,
And the truth can be read
In the pool of Red Ink,
The cries and screams of insanity
all washed away,
By the river that retreats
from the open shores,
Where scares and cuts meet
Not at all Batique,
With the heat of the beat,
like giants feat
that can cause quakes,
Its now time to wake
The hidden memorizes
Because there can be no more penalties,
When the game has been lost
But the clock still ticks
To the Death's Heart Beat.
:icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 3 4
Battle Field
It a battle field of love.
All hopes and dream lost like the leafs on trees in fall.
You feelings are payed with pull inside out.
My partner went MIA on me.
I loo all over for her but she no where to be found.
Lost after the fight between God and Mother Earth.
Ripe right from the Demons hand the angel is cage up and taken away to some where unknow.
The Demon looks at the mountains of Heaven and the depts of Hell.
No where to be found like fucking Walldow.
The Demon walks the battle feild wish a hopeless wish.
Star o star I wish I am I wish I mite grautant my wish I wish to night.
But with no stars to be seen a night I was imposible to wish for something that never gets gauntante.
Like all goverments we know have a little bite of fuck up in them.
Day by Day the words drill into the Demon's head "It always the same with all good things."
The Demon that love an angel and the Angel that loves the Demon.
But with alway thing there never last for ever.
They love for each othe is still great
:icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 1 32
Lies, lies and more lies.
Everyone lies but the truth is must the the time it to themselfs.
People are so  unwill to see what really happens in the world but when one guy brings a gun to the new Batman movie and starts shotting everboby it gets on the News and people start to see what happens all the time we just don't hear about it. People said get the pictures down it is making me sad. Fuck off you of do you think the familys of the die and the people there feel. Stop hide the truth, everyone does it evern to themself. People say this was bad really it happens all the time everone days. More people die in an hour than you can keep track of. Hide the truth but I see the truth it can'thide from me. I see what the mirror sees. You want to hide in your small happy world because you can;t open you neyes to the pain the kills this world bit by bit. I know what some people may say think about the good things in life I do. I think about everything that I have see and been throught. The bad stuff wins over t
:icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 3 15
My name Means
:icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 1 63
Joined Heart (colored) by Twinhollow Joined Heart (colored) :icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 7 38
Mature content
Seven Doors to Hell A Date to Remember :icontwinhollow:Twinhollow 3 4

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We get around 33630 chances to wake up and make choices. Yet I am here thinking what I want. My ideals, my philosophies, my goals are in question. The fact stands that survival is what pushes me. I have fought off death a few times; I have one battles but a war still waits. I plan on winning that war. Men and woman have done so before. To be immortal in memory is what I seek. Now that the goal is set will the "ends justify the mean."

  • Listening to: he Used
  • Reading: Your thoughts
  • Watching: These ribs from her chest that I am marinating.
  • Playing: My irrational thoughts
  • Eating: Her RIBBS!!!
  • Drinking: SOmething bad for rmy liver


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Earl K. Dekker Jr.
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United States
"I am not crazy I am mad. There id a difference you know; what it is I have forgotten" Jarvis Tech DC


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